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regedit in title

Open RegEdit Opens RegEdit search and goes straight to the Key you want
Size: 2.8 MB
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search Read registry regedit read registry binary key  
NG Regedit Advanced features registry editor
Size: 685 KB
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editor edit registry registry editor edit registry  
Regedit editor A small and simple editor for a few registry values.
Size: 238 KB
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editor registry registry editor edit registry regedit  
ActiveX RegEdit Set of classes to read/enumerate/modify windows registry keys.
Size: 290k
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modify registry regedit read registry Enumerate  
Mini Regedit Easily disable and enable Windows features
Size: 159 KB
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locker Disable Enabler Disable Task Manager  
Regedit Disabler Easily disbable the registry editor on your computer
Size: 555 KB
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Invoice Creator Disable registry editor Enable regedit  

regedit in tags

Turbo Registry Access A useful utility that helps you save time to navigate to those keys that are most frequently used
Size: 420 KB
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manager registry registry manager access registry key  
AssKickr AssKickr is very small, and it should be, because the only thing it does is launch .exe files
Size: 17 KB
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launch regedit .exe launch .exe associate launch RegEdit  
Emergency Utility Copier Creates usable copies of REGEDIT, MSCONFIG and Task Manager
Size: 8 KB
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backup regedit launch RegEdit TaskManager  
Regjump Open the registry editor at a given key.
Size: 13 KB
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editor registry addon firefox launch Registry Key Checker  
Restore Regedit A small tool that will help the user enable Regedit
Size: 3 KB
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restore registry regedit launch RegEdit Backup Regedit  
Anti-Hax0r An easy and simple tool that will enable your task manager and registry editor in a few mouse clicks.
Size: 62 KB
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Enable Task Manager Task Manager Enable regedit  

regedit in description

RegJumper Its purpose is to make regedit.exe jump to (select) specified by the user registry key or value. RegJumper is a command line utility that you can use to navigate in the RegEdit window. After entering ...
Size: 210 KB
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Registry Key regedit navigator navigate File Lock  
Registry Tools Registry Tools is a plugin that will open regedit and jump to the registry key you highlighted on a webpage. If you don't have any text highlighted, you will be prompted for a key to jump to. If you h...
Size: 831K
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registry open key maxthon add-on Registry Key Checker  
Registry Editor Navigator Registry Editor Navigator is a handy and reliable application designed to launch regedit at the specified registry key. Usage is simple: enter the path you wish to navigate to and press the little arr...
Size: 455.5K
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Launcher launch regedit launch RegEdit  
O&O RegEditor The O&O regedit is integrated in O&O BlueCon and is similar in structure to the well-known Windows RegEdit. The O&O RegEdit provides full access to the Windows registry database. Windows registry stor...
Size: 8.5 MB
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editor edit registry registry editor edit registry  
multiple Registry Editor multiple Registry Editor is a handy and reliable utility designed to enable you to run multiple regedit instances. The application is completely portable and the usage is extremely simple. You will be...
Size: 51 KB
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editor registry registry editor regedit  
AdRegCln RegEdit smart calls allows you to edit selected entries from standard RegEdit directly.
Size: 416K
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edit registry scan edit registry incorrect scan registry